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THEATRE ONE – Friday, April 5th 2023 (6:00 – 9:30)

Casa De Monte Cristo Set  – (6:00)

102 mins

Earthrise (Dir. Shane Joseph Willis) An astronaut returns to earth only to find that the world is slowly being destroyed by a mysterious anomaly.


Testament (Dir. Jessica Landry)  After the family matriarch passes away, her estranged granddaughter, Ashley, begins the impossible task of cleaning up the affairs of a woman she never knew.


Bus Stop (Dir. Allegra Novikov, Drew Youngblood) A girl misses her bus and ends up meeting an old friend who might just change her life.


Lone Wolves (Dir. Hedi B. Asencio) Two loners, a savage and a widower, discover that they are more alike than different in the wilderness.


Ten out of the Ten (Dir. Imre Mazio) The last First Secretary of the communist Hungary proves within 3 hours that during 45 years he hasn’t been able to learn to most fundamental laws of humanity.


100 Proof Warlock (Dir. Lizzie a Finn, John Leary)  It’s Christmas Eve, and Bink, an ordinary bartender, just wants to close shop and get home to his girl. But when an armed bounty hunter shows up, Bink is forced to confront his shady past association with a mysterious company known as Warlock


Sugar Crash (Dir. Jon Huggins) Two brothers are determined to elude the watchful eye of their grandmother and get to a box of candy.


Call Failed (Dir. Lee Raphael Koppel) A phone call between a bride to be and her fiancé is cut short while he is driving home and she suspects something terrible may have happened.

Five Dimes Brewing Set B (7:45)

49 mins

Let Me Free (Dir. Maria Garcia DeLeon Sanchez) The fight against abuse can be born with the most subtle words. María García de León addresses this very current problem, with the greatest delicacy and tenderness, in her first short film “Let me free”.


Romantic Dividends Feat. Speelburg Gold in Them Hills (Dir. Jeremy Johnstone) An homage to European film noir of the 20th century.


Food for Thought (Dir. Christine Hann) A retired accountant who volunteers at a local food bank struggles to understand that clients aren’t numbers and learns that food is a source of sustenance and dignity.


Congratulations (Dir. Joey Mosca) Matt visits his ex-girlfriend and estranged father before making a big life decision.


Mailbox (Dir. Sal Cirmi) MAILBOX is an emotionally charged and captivating tale that explores the profound impact of connections that transcend the barriers of time, leaving viewers inspired by the enduring power of love and the magic of relationships that span generations.

A Shared Universe Set (8:35)

64 mins

Feel It (Dir. Jimmy Kelly)In a world where music has suddenly ceased to exist, a young dancer attempts to find it within herself.


Why We’re Single (Dir. Jett Miller) Five different archetypes of a woman’s personality argue about going on a date tonight.


Something I Can Teach (Dir. Natasha C. Smith) Based on true events, and set amidst a single day in the life of Merline, a hard-working professional striving to excel in her role as a production accountant, her world is disrupted when she encounters Sara, a newly appointed accountant who joins the team with questionable motives.


Conquest (Dir. Kate Kroll) When an incompetent intergalactic conqueror crash lands at a comic convention, he must find a way to subdue the locals or face the wrath of his merciless counterparts.


Cleaners (Dir. Andrew Froening) Two cleaners who excel at their job takes on a client that needs extra cleaning.


Yolks (Dir. Jesse Womack) John struggles with his relationship with food and body image in the form of his own subconscious.


Last Night With The Devil (Dir. Torin Scott) An “accidental” overdose brings a man to a supernatural face to face encounter with the Devil, where he learns some hard truths and the key to his happiness.


Fred the Supercomputer (Dir. Sam Kimbrell) A man who befriends a computer who wants to take over his entire life. The film comedically explores why we are truly here and how much tech truly means to our existence.


Tree of Life (Dir. Mike Hermosa) A mushroom tripping camp counselor tells a rhyming, Earth conscious fable, regarding two woodland nymphs and their encounter with two country poachers.

THEATRE 2 – Saturday, April 6th 2023 (12:00 – 4:00)

Ross Brewing Set – (12:00 PM)

95 mins

Slaves to Water (Dir. Betrand Jack Daniel Loyer) In the south of Madagascar, the village of Belemboké has no running water, no taps and no school. To access liveable amounts of water, 3 kids have to travel excruciating distances and make their way underground to the bowels of the Earth… everyday.


Another Kind of Courage – Short Version (Dir. Lynn Estomin) Another Kind of Courage features moving performances by veteran poets expressing their experiences with war and homecoming. The creative writing by Warrior Writers poets is powerful, emotional, and haunting. It is critical for veterans to share their stories, as they are too often silenced during their military careers and have minimal opportunities to share their perspectives.


Grounded in the Air (Dir. Yasmine Swanson) Circus artist Megan McCormick discusses how circus helps to keep her grounded.


Finish on Top (Dir. Jesse Rindner) Following New Jersey City University (NJCU) women’s wrestling team through their highs and lows, as senior Naomi Henry completes her final season on the team. But more importantly, her final season with her coach of 7 years Barry Hart. The coach she met her first day wrestling in high school and followed to NJCU.


Rossi and Company (Dir. Agata DeSantis) Rossi and Company explores the history of a 112- year-old Italian American gift shop in New York City’s Little Italy, and the struggle its 72-year-old proprietor is having to keep its storied doors open.


Swing 46: The Last Swingin Supper Club (Dir. Jay Kay) Swing 46 is one of the last swingin supper clubs out of the neo/retro swing era. Born on Restaurant Row in Manhattan, it is still going some 27 years later. “Swing 46: The Last Swingin Supper Club” is a short documentary developed at Montclair State University that gives a snapshot of the overall impact of this key music venue as well as the nationwide swing movement of music, community, history, culture, passion, style, and humanity that brought so many together to swing out like a wildfire!


My Digital Truth (Dir. Swen Werner) A banker in present day London on a quest for knowledge, battling illness, and forming an eerie alliance with ChatAI, blurring the lines between reality and the digital world.


This Is Why We Train – The Sea Girt Beach Patrol (Dir. Kevin R. Nulty) An inside look into the life of the men and women who keep us safe at the shore.


Camry James – Home (Dir. PJ Bracco) In continuing on from “Rescue Me”, while working through his battle with depression and alcoholism, our lead now faces the next part of his journey… going home.

Yestercades Set  (1:40)

88 mins

Krampus on Campus (Dir. Nicklaus Barth) Not so well behaved students are preparing for a film festival in their schools TV Studio. What they are not expecting is a visit to them from Krampus before the holiday film festival.


The Hallway Monitor (Dir. Justin Fearon) Mike finally gets his chance to be a hall monitor. Will he do a good job? Or will his newfound “power” corrupt him?


Superdude (Dir. Michael Castelli) Mike believes he is a “superhero” although his teachers and peers beg to differ.


Laughing Matter (Dir. Todor Pophristic) “Kidnappers” call the mother of one of the missing children.


The Last Liftoff (Dir. Collin Nelson) An astronaut, with an impending mission on the horizon, tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter before it’s too late.


Tribute to Starry-Eyed Girl (Dir. Zoe Epperson) In Boston, Massachusetts, 1977 a young musician, Anthony, looks back on the night his bandmate, Alice, died.


Moxy The Band: You Feel it Too (Dir. Evan Doll) In this romantic Sci-Fi Music Video, two humanoid robots feel the push and pull of love, hesitation, and trust.


Bear Hugs (Dir. Maggie May Brummer) A teddy bear goes through a small city in pursuit of giving a hug to a lonely girl while overcoming the holiday hustle-bustle. The thought of the lonely girl during Christmas leads Teddy to push through the obstacles in hopes of getting to his destination.


Roy, Gee & Biv (Dir. Matt Provenzano, Nick Balzomo) You just found the lost VHS copy of Roy, Gee & Biv! An educational live-action puppet show that focuses on teaching kids of all ages about different forms of art through examples and by interviewing artists. In this short adventure, our three stars learn about painting.


Sinking (Dir. Maya Kanoe) A rat refuses to leave her home on a sinking ship. CalArts BFA thesis comedy/horror animated short film.


When a Blind Man Cries (Dir. Christopher Orangeo) Siblings Gerard and Mary are suspicious of their younger sister Sheryl’s new boyfriend when he begins acting odd.


Red Iron Road: In The Heat (Dir. Sam Chou) When a bruised and battered man claiming to be Santa Clause is arrested for the murder of a child, the interrogating officers uncover a story more bizarre and horrific than expected.

Mr. Pizza Slice Set  (3:15)

53 mins

The Girl From The Ground (Dir. Ryan C. Scott, Kevin Pullias) A storyteller recites the tale of a woman’s travels through an apocalyptic wasteland.


First Day of Vacation (Dir. Josh Allen) A couple has an argument on their first day of vacation.


Just Desserts (Dir. Christian Attrel Cordes) A jovial yet extremely sadistic mafia enforcer named Alberto, whose job to extract information from Roxanne; a mob lieutenant’s wife spirals into absurdity when he sparks an unusual kinship with Roxanne’s alleged drug dealer named Jeff.

THEATRE ONE – Saturday, April 6th 2023 (12:00 – 9:30)

Once Bitten Set  (12:00 PM)

68 mins

The Bots Will Get It (Dir. Adam P. Murphy) A frustrated artist discovers his secret lover waiting outside his building, unannounced. Could it be real this time or just another kiss and run?


The Naming of the Things (Dir. Gadi Rubin) A product of Jewish day schools and way too much education, Ike finds himself adrift after the sudden death of his wife. As Ike navigates his wife’s shiva, he struggles to find meaning in the world around him, the Jew inside him, and the community trying to feed him bagels. Can religion help right our world after it has been upended by death?


Hero (Dir. Miguel Garzón Martínez) A woman struggles with trauma while trying to break into the world of acting but resorts to unhealthy coping mechanisms.


Courage (Dir. Ryan Gomes) Luke, a quiet 6 year old doesn’t get the love he needs, so he builds a relationship with his favorite superhero action figure, Captain Courage. Now Luke faces his biggest challenge; His world falling apart.


My Dear Aunt Sally (Dir. Tom Procida) A grade-schooler with crippling anxiety, 8 year old Luke reluctantly spends time with his free spirited Aunt Sally.

Cutter (Dir. Eden Wright) When her newest client sends them both out to sea, a desperate maritime hairdresser learns an important lesson about internet strangers; the hard way.

The Secret Stash Set  (1:10)

106 mins

Punch The Boss (Dir. Taryn Grace) Doug has been stuck in a dead end job with a terrible boss for years, but today he’s finally had enough.


The One That Got Away (Dir. Jes Vasquez)  Jacqueline will never forget the moment she met Billy, and found her other half. Now, her best friend is adulting and Jacqueline is faced with a choice.


The Worst Best Man Ever (Dir. David M. Weilert) Kevin asks his best friend Sam to be his best man, not realizing that Sam doesn’t like his fiancé. A blast from the past shows up and he begins to question his relationship and his life choices.


Good Girl (Dir. Jenny Kleiman) After ending a six year relationship, a well-behaved, Jewish, OBGYN decides to turn her brain off and her body on by exploring BDSM; instances of which are popping up in the most unusual places.


Delta Lovers (Dir. Natasha C. Smith) “Delta Lover” is a gripping short film that delves into the destructive power of intense emotions, particularly jealousy. When a woman is betrayed by her partner, her rage ignites, leading her to cast a spell that sets off a perilous event, threatening to forever change her life.


Ringo Ningen (Dir. Raymond Kleinschmidt) A mad scientist succeeds in creating a talking apple, but his new creation threatens his love life.


Plumber’s Seal (Dir. David Musolf) A business woman comes home to find her ex-boyfriend is still in her house. A female plumber may fix more than a leak.


Dad’s New Roommate (Dir. Patrick F. Devaney) Joe Kowalski, a retired mechanic, Vietnam veteran, and widower decides it’s time to not live alone anymore so he tells his family he’s planning on finding a roommate online.


Vance & The Afterlife (Dir. Sam Kimbrell) A corporate stiff, Vance, dies and ends up in his own imagination… or lack thereof. Through an appeal process administered by his afterlife guide Sarah, Vance is given a second chance at life that’s focused less on superficial career goals and more on creative expression and appreciation for the world around him.

Jamian’s Set (3:00)

92 mins

They Don’t Live Long (Dir. Adrian Pnut) Jack has just been released from prison for a felony pending hearing in two months, and he could be sentenced to up to five years. While he tries to heed his mother’s advice and keep a low profile, the connection with his fellow miscreants proves just too deep to ignore.


In Four Years (Dir. Hedi B. Asencio) A man, Jesus Armando Cruz, reflects on a special bond he shares with his uncle Jonny and the game of soccer.


Star2 – Clout Chaser (Dir. Lubomir Atan) “Clout Chaser” is an Animated Music Video from Star2 promoting his single “Clout Chaser” from his upcoming “Shooting Stars” album. The animated video shows two girls in a fierce race to get to Star2 and his riches.


Misprint (Dir. Adam Volerich) When a reformed criminal receives a cry for help from his former partner in crime, he finds himself back in the game with no way out but through.


Eyes on You (Dir. Tyrell Jason) Is she his new favorite obsession or is there something more than meets the eye.


Meditations on Ecclesiastes (Dir. Aidan Guynes) The sun rises and the sun sets. The strivings of man flash before our eyes. All the while, the stream continues to flow.


America Divided (Dir. Asher Elias Anantham) What are the causes and consequences of America’s increased divisiveness over the last 20 years? Speaking with a political expert from the Cato Institute, the president and vice-president of Montgomery County Council and the director of the Penn Primals Project, we attempt to find a path forward for America.


AJ’s Story (Dir. Leon Robinson, Christna Richardson) A bi-racial teenager living in the Bronx in search of his biological father, faces tragedy that could split up foster home family.

“The Banks Run Red” Set (4:35)

97 mins

Under the Bed (Dir. Jeremy Sladdin) Horror legend Robert Englund, who gave us all nightmares as the iconic Freddy Krueger, narrates a bedtime story with a difference.


Red Oak (Dir. Enya Moore) After watching werewolves decimate his family, a man must provide for and protect his last remaining daughter.


Hilltop Hike (Dir. Robert Cuniff) Bob goes for a hike on the Hilltop, and sees something he didn’t expect.


Haunted For Life: Encounter (Dir. Hunter Nickless) A sequel to the original short film “Haunted for Life”. 2 teens perform a seance on Halloween night to see if a haunted dream comes true.


3:33 AM (Dir. Matthew Marin) An insecure husband attempts to reconnect with his estranged wife but their baby interferes.


The Devil’s Playground (Dir. A. J. Ciccotelli) Haunted by childhood dreams and tales of the Jersey Devil, a young newspaper photographer faces his fears by taking an assignment in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. But sometimes, facing your fears is much worse than you could imagine.


Death to the Bourgeoisie (Dir. Phoenix T. Logan) A motherly leader of a religious cult celebrate immortality through the final ancient sacrificial birthing, unaware that an estranged follower and her girlfriend are on a heist to destroy the cult by any means necessary.


Cry of the Yellow Moon (Dir. Liam Wan Lui Martin, Fiona Stirling Lui Martin) 

A young girl’s babysitting job at a remote snowbound chalet turns sinister in this uncanny and vividly-shot thriller by teenage writer/director duo Liam Lui Martin and Fiona Lui Martin.


Nose Goes (Dir. Stephanie Ruiz) After the sudden death of their father, Charlie tries to distract her and her sister, Harper, with a fun couple of days visiting friends. When a childish game takes a turn, Charlie is in for the scare of her life.


Killer Krush (Dir. Izzy Dalton) When shy teenager Ben bumps into his crush Caroline at a party, things take a strange turn…

TEAK Set (6:15)

76 mins

Hif (Dir. Daan Swinkles) Hif (2023) is a short film (absurdist comedy) that explores the impact of a criminal struggling with hypochondriac thoughts.


Heart of Gold (Dir. Jack Foley) A young girl experiences difficulties adapting to a new environment. She meets and overcomes her challenges with love and kindness.


A View to a Beehive (Dir. Rich Adams) After a series of romantic mishaps, Dalia finds herself falling for the perfect man and lands herself at the center of an international espionage crisis.

Basie Center Cinemas Set (7:35)

50 mins

The Better Man (Dir. Debra Markowitz) At a parole board hearing, James Carter asks for a freedom he is not certain that he deserves.


Personalized Futures (Dir. Max Delfino) In a future in which a personalized algorithm decides which major students have to pick, Kate, an econ major with an artistic calling, is faced with the choice of trusting the system or trying to subvert it from within.


Pressed (Dir. Michelle Elise Harding, Scott “Silent K” Knowlton)  In the wake of a deadly shooting, a seasoned journalist reevaluates the role she plays in other people’s stories.


Millie’s Care Free Day (Dir. Michael Licisyn) Weighed down and despondent from crushing depression, Millie tries to escape the daily grind by deciding today will be different. However, she must first confront her trauma before it consumes her.


One Last Time (Dir. Debra Markowitz) A woman must decide to end it with her former husband or risk ruining her current marriage.


Meet Me En Rêve (Dir. Bethany Brown) Meet Me En Rêve follows Ella, as she experiences the consequences of denying herself, her humanity and her sexuality.

Count Basie Center for the Arts Set (8:25)

78 mins

Hedgehog (Dir. D. Mitry) As the war starts in Ukraine, six years old Nina is sent to her grandma’s remote village. In the shack outside, Nina discovers a badly wounded Russian soldier.


The Prof (Dir. Debra Markowitz) Famous indie film director, Jack Gallucci, falls from favor. His chance meeting with Marigold McCormack forces him to face the mess he’s made of his career and decide whether he has it in him to try again.


Couple A Cards (Fredric Lehne) Two silly old farts – Fredric Lehne and Reed Birney – have coffee at Ida’s diner, like they do every morning, when unexpected events compel them to confront the past, their lifelong rivalry, and the memory of the gal who broke both their hearts, while still giving hope for the future.


Before Dawn (Dir. Ruben Rodas) A top hit-man gets caught in the middle of a betrayal scheme within his contractors”


Broken (Dir. Peter Koevari) A university teacher must confront intruders in her home who are intent on her destruction.

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